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NV Communication is a low voltage construction contractor specializing in the constriction process of providing communications to your home, businesses, and city.

NV Communication is a licensed contractor with the ability to meet or exceed your needs of servicing, installing, and repairing Aerial and Underground Construction, as well as Traffic Control for any of your needs.

NV Communication can meet your needs by providing reliable vehicles and equipment/materials such as aerial bucket trucks, flat bed loaders, cable reel trailers, underground crew trucks, along with all the correct and proper signs and materials needed for traffic control to meet any of your communication and traffic needs.

NV Communication holds a general building contractors license, a low voltage systems and electrical license, as well as a construction zone traffic  control license, which allows us to provide splicing of both coax and fiber optic CATV cable, aerial or underground, and all other process required to provided you and/or your customer with communication services.



Underground Construction   Aerial Construction   Direction Bore   Splicing   Traffic Control
• Proof existing or unoccupied duct   • Make ready approved   • Locate and expose existing utilities   • Splice Coax/Fiber   • Flagging
• Repair damage duct structures   • Pole replacement/ placement   • Directional Bore span placement up to 1” to 4”   • Retro fit Coax   • Pedestrian Migration
• Concrete cut with restoration   • Down guy installation   • WILL GET MORE DESCRPITIONS FOR THIS   • Troubleshoot coax & fiber   • Lane/Road closures
• Asphalt cut with restoration   • Pole Transfer       • Node Segmentations   • Narrow Lane Diversions
• Remove or Place Coax/Fiber   • Lash/Delash       • Build Power Supplies   • Any other request needed
• Trenching   • Resag Strand            
• Pull Coax, Fiber, or interduct                
• Install/Replace
    – Node Pedestals
    – Pedestals
    – Vaults